Watch/Listen/Read: The Apostles Creed: God the Father - Third Mil (100min)

Watch/Listen: The Doctrine of God: The Attributes of God - Biblical Training (60min)

Watch/Listen/Read: The Pentateuch: A Perfect World - Third Mil (60min)

Watch/Listen/Reed: The Apostles Creed: The Articles of Faith [ONLY minutes 27-37 or read "Overview: God" in notes] - Third Mil (10min)

Read: Systematic Theology, Ch. 16 (God's Providence) [ONLY pgs 315-331] - Gruden (16pgs)

Read: Systematic Theology, Ch. 15 (Creation) [ONLY pgs 262-273] - Gruden (10pgs)

Read: Systematic Theology, Ch. 9-10 (The Existence and Knowability of God) - Gruden (8pgs)

Exegete: 1 Peter 1:1-12 (using the Abbreviated Exegetical Worksheet)

Outline: Acts 15-28 (daily following DH reading plan, use the Book Outline Worksheet)

Assessment Questions to Answer

Explain the unity, plurality, and roles of each person of the Triune God.

What are some of God’s “incommunicable” attributes (different from us) and “communicable” attributes (like us)?

If God is sovereign, what is the place of prayer?

What does it mean that man was made in God’s image? (Genesis 1:26-27)

Someone in your church is teaching that God is in everything and is everything.  How would you approach and talk with this person