It's Thursday, March 15, 2018.  Paul continues to use Old Testament passages and themes to argue that the righteousness of God cannot be attained by keeping the Law of Moses (based on works), but is only achievable by placing your faith in the completed work of Christ.  This message of salvation is available and applicable to all, irrespective of nationally or social status. - Chris Adomanis

(Take time to write down responses to these questions or discuss in your group)
_Discuss your personal experience of hearing the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the first time.

Heavenly Father, You are so loving and merciful; salvation is but a breath away for all who seek You in faith.  Thank You for graciously using us to bring Your redemptive plan to all of humanity. Amen.

DISCOVER [Romans 10:5-18]
5 For Moses writes about the righteousness that is based on the law, that the person who does the commandments shall live by them. 6 But the righteousness based on faith says, “Do not say in your heart, ‘Who will ascend into heaven?’” (that  is, to bring Christ down) 7 “or ‘Who will descend into the abyss?’” (that is, to bring Christ up from the dead). 8 But what does it say? “The word is near you, in your mouth and in your heart” (that is, the word of faith that we proclaim); 9 because, if you confess with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For with the heart one believes and is justified, and with the mouth one confesses and is saved. 11 For the Scripture says, “Everyone who believes in him will not be put to shame.” 12 For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek; for the same Lord is Lord of all, bestowing his riches on all who call on him. 13 For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

14 How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard?[a] And how are they to hear without someone preaching? 15 And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!” 16 But they have not all obeyed the gospel. For Isaiah says, “Lord, who has believed what he has heard from us?” 17 So faith comes from hearing, and hearing through the word of Christ.

18 But I ask, have they not heard? Indeed they have, for

“Their voice has gone out to all the earth,
    and their words to the ends of the world.”

+ WHAT is this passage saying and what do we learn? (Use these questions below each portion of text to clarify the main point)
_Verses 6-8 is a rephrasing of the words of Moses in Deuteronomy 30:11-14?  What is this about and why is it important?
_Notice the positioning of the words “confess” and “believe” in verses 9 and 10.  Why do you think Paul would do this?
_Put verse 13 in your own words, taking into context what you have learned so far through your study of Romans.
_What are the two main ways the Gospel is conveyed to the world?  Does this give you a greater appreciation for those called to be pastors and missionaries?  
_What is Paul talking about in verse 18?  Hint: Find a good theology book and read up on the terms General and Specific Revelation of God.

+ HOW am I compelled to confess sin and how does the gospel compel me to respond with a simple step of action/obedience?  (Here are some thoughts to discuss in break-outs)
_Sin isn’t always in actions we do that are wrong, but in actions for good we don’t do when commanded by God’s Word.  Search your heart and confess areas in your life where, by God’s grace and leading, you could do “more good” in your Christian walk.

+ WHO are you walking with to discover or grow in Jesus and what is your next step with them, how can we help?
_Who in your life TODAY is the Lord prompting you to share the Good News of the Gospel of Jesus Christ?
_Do you have someone in your life TODAY that challenges you (and you challenge back) to be an effective witness for Christ?