Happy new week and new series study!  Starting this week we begin our study in the letters of 1 + 2 Thessalonians.  These are two of the earliest letters Paul had a hand in penning to a newly forming community who had recently received the news about Jesus.  Each day we will continue to have a set of verses through these posts but because the letters are so short we would encourage you to try to read through the two letters one time each week- this will allow you to delve deep into the text day to day even as you understand see a birds eyes view of the letters.  I can't wait to jump into the rich truth of these letters with you this Sunday!  

grace + peace, 


CONNECT  (Use these questions for opening discussion when your group meets)
_ What is one area of your life that are feeling overwhelmed about and one thing you are looking forward to as you approach the new week?
_ What is one way the Lord is impacting the life of someone you are walking with (to help grow in or discover Jesus)?

PRAY- Take some time to thank and praise God for who He is, to pray for those you are walking with, for the needs you/group are facing, and for the Spirit to highlight truth as you read.

DISCOVER [ 1 Thessalonians 1.1-4] 
Paul, Silvanus, and Timothy, To the church of the Thessalonians in God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ: Grace to you and peace. 2 We give thanks to God always for all of you, constantly mentioning you in our prayers, 3 remembering before our God and Father your work of faith and labor of love and steadfastness of hope in our Lord Jesus Christ. 4 For we know, brothers loved by God, that he has chosen you,

+ WHAT is this passage saying and what do we learn? (Use these questions to help make additional observations to clarify the main point)
_ Who is the author and audience of this letter in vs. 1?
_ What else is included in their greeting in vs. 1?
_ What do we find this band of brothers doing for their brothers and sisters in vs. 2?
_ What do three things do they also remember in vs. 3?
_ How do they describe the people in vs. 4?
_ What good-news about Jesus (salvation, forgiveness, comfort) do we learn in this passage?  

+ HOW am I (are we as a group) compelled to respond to what was learned today with a simple concrete step of action/obedience?  

+ WHO are you (we as a group) walking with that you might pass along or encourage what you learned, with today? (e.g., your family around the dinner table, a friend, co-worker or neighbor you are walking with to discover the message Jesus)

CARE + ACCOUNTABILITY (In break-outs discuss and take time to pray for one another)
_ How is my personal abiding/connection with Jesus through his word and prayer going, what is my next step? 
_ What sin or temptation am I struggling with, what is my next step?