Happy Monday everyone! Today we read of just how valuable the Thessalonians' faith was to Paul when he received an update from Timothy.

CONNECT (Take time to write down responses to these questions or discuss in your group)
_ Who is someone that God is calling you to walk with? Are you?
_ What is one way the Lord is impacting the life of someone you are walking with (to help grow in or discover Jesus)?

_ Take some time to thank and praise God for who He is, to pray for those you are walking with, for the needs you/group are facing, and for the Spirit to highlight truth as you read.

DISCOVER  [ 1 Thessalonians 3.6-10 ] 6 But now that Timothy has come to us from you, and has brought us the good news of your faith and love and reported that you always remember us kindly and long to see us, as we long to see you— 7 for this reason, brothers, in all our distress and affliction we have been comforted about you through your faith. 8 For now we live, if you are standing fast in the Lord. 9 For what thanksgiving can we return to God for you, for all the joy that we feel for your sake before our God, 10 as we pray most earnestly night and day that we may see you face to face and supply what is lacking in your faith?

+ WHAT is this passage saying and what do we learn? (Use these questions to help make additional observations to clarify the main point)
_ What report has Timothy brought to Paul and Silas about the Thessalonians in vs. 6?
_ What is it that is comforting Paul, Silas and Timothy in vs. 7?
_ What is Paul's reaction to their standing fast in the Lord in vs. 8-9? 
_ What is the nature of his prayer in  vs. 10?
_ What do we learn about how big of a deal their faith is to him?  Why do you think that is the case?
_ What good-news (salvation, forgiveness, help, comfort) do we discover in this passage?  

+ HOW am I compelled to confess sin and respond to what I learned today with a simple concrete step of action/obedience?  (In groups discuss this in guy/girl break-outs, below are a couple of ideas to help prompt responses if needed)
_ Is there anyone you are investing in who you relate to like Paul relates to the Thessalonians? 

+ WHO are you walking with that you might pass along or encourage what you learned, with today? (e.g., your family around the dinner table, a friend, co-worker or neighbor you are walking with to discover the message Jesus)