Dear Daily Readers,

Our contributing team is incredibly grateful for your involvement in reading and engaging with the Scripture through the Daily.  We say engagement because the idea behind The Daily is to encourage believers to not only read the Scripture but living the truth they have discovered out in life and relationship through community. 

This week we are taking a break from The Daily to give our contributors a break.  Whether you use the Daily once a week or every day we would encourage you to stay connected in the rich and beautiful truths of the Scripture.  Next Monday we will be picking up with readings for our Advent Series "City of Peace" exploring Shalom through the Scripture as we look behind and ahead to Christ's arrival and return and the peace He has ushered onto the earth.  Beyond Advent we will begin studying the book of Romans! 

If you are interested in contributing to the Daily feel free to shoot Peter Pieringer an email:

We hope and pray you have a wonderful week of rest and living in gratitude, for all the gifts you have in Christ!

The Daily Team