Church Family,

Thank you for your faithfulness to pour your lives into others who are discovering or growing in Jesus.  As you meet with those you are walking with this week, below is crucial information to share with your groups including announcements, a recap from Sunday’s Gathering, the reading for this week and a simple discipleship format.  Please reach out if you have any questions  

+ Join the broader DH family this Sunday for a church potluck at 255 West directly after the gathering.  Bring a dish to share.  Reach out to Julee if you want to help.

+ DH’s next “Gospel For Life” Lunch will be on October 9th from 11.30-1pm after the gathering.  This is for anyone who is new to DH to learn about our vision and how we practically live out the vision together as a church.  Reach out to Mel if you want to join.

This last Sunday we looked at 1st Timothy chapter 1 to discover the purpose of Paul’s letters to Timothy and the foundational elements of what makes the church a distinct kind of people in the world: Law, Sin and Grace which was correlated to an actual drawing- A Frame (Law), Honest Markings (Sin) and Color (Grace).  Click on the message link to listen if you were out of town or missed it.  We would love to connect with you if you have questions about anything related to the message- just reach out  Finally here are a few good resources that were mentioned to consider as you begin getting into a rhythm of studying and meditating on the word and as you walk with others to discover or grow in Christ.
+ ESV Study Bible
+ Reformation Study Bible
+ New International Biblical Commentary, 1st + 2nd Timothy, Titus by Gordon D. Fee

READING THIS WEEK: 1st Timothy Chapter 2
This week I want to encourage us to  study 1st Timothy Chapter 2 as a church.  You may also want to read 5.1-16 and 6.1-2 as these chapters and passages all deal with a common theme of how we live in relationship to one another as the church.

Your time together as a group is designed to be simple and formational as you orient around three simple questions) based on a few of Jesus’ commands (Who, What, How). This format can work in a group of two or twenty, it can last for thirty minutes or three hours.  We encourage you to meet over a meal, appetizers, coffee or a drink.  If you are studying an alternative Scripture or Bible Study we would encourage you to sandwich the bible study with the first "Who" question and the "How" question as the "What" question is typically addressed in a good bible study.

Begin... your time together with any announcements and the Readings for this week (See above) and by sharing stories of how Jesus is working in the lives of others by asking “Who has Jesus brought into your life to share the story of faith with and to intentionally walk with to either discover or grow in Jesus?” 

Continue... with sharing in the Scripture by going over the Gathering Recap (See above) and collectively reading a portion of Scripture from this week’s text and asking “What is this passage saying (say it in your own words) and what does it mean for my life?” (This is where you might substitute in an alternative Scripture study or guide you are using.)

Finally... close your time by reminding one another of the forgiveness and grace of the gospel and committing to simple steps of obedience to Jesus by asking “How does this Scripture convict me of sin to repent of and how does the gospel free me to take action/obey Jesus today?”  (We encourage breaking out into micro groups if the group is 6 or more or co-ed and praying for one another).