We are glad you were able to make use of Downtown Hope space for your event!

Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure the room is ready for its next user.

  1. Place all trash in the trash can.

  2. Remove all objects from the table and other surfaces.

  3. Ensure any cups, plates, or other food and catering items are disposed of or cleaned up.

    1. Cups and plates should be washed and put away in the kitchen.

  4. Fold all chairs and line them up neatly in an appropriate place.

    1. Small stools should be stacked and left neatly against one wall.

  5. If the table has been moved, return it to its place in the middle of the room.

    1. Table should be lowered to its lowest setting.

    2. Power cable for the table should be unplugged and tidied in the hanging net.

  6. If anything was removed from a closet or side unit, return it to its place.

  7. Wipe down the table.

  8. The door should be propped open with the door-stop.

  9. Check the bathrooms for any mess or debris.

    1. If the bathroom is unreasonably disordered, send an email to the cleaning coordinator.

  10. Use the vacuum cleaner to clear any crumbs or debris from the rug.

  11. The television should be switched off and the remote attached to the back.

Visual Guide