We believe that Jesus brings a particular people together in a time and place through a family of faith to offer their time, resources and abilities towards his renewing work in the world. We are a family that serves together; we encourage everyone to take part in some way (the amount is less important than the simple act) and to continually remember that the reason we serve is because we ourselves have been served in an ultimate way through the cross. The reason we give is because God in Christ gave himself for us. The reason we love and take interest in the lives of our family, friends, co-workers and neighbors is because God took interest in our life, even when we were uninteresting. Below you will find the names and faces of some of the people who are coordinating efforts in our neighborhood church. There are many who are serving who are not listed - this list is so you can know who is doing what, and how to get connected with others.

Elder team

Our main job is to serve among our church through helping people to grow as disciples who make disciples. We do this by leading groups and being available to the people of Downtown Hope in times of crisis. Our authority is found in our collective team, not any one individual. Our team is broken into sub-teams that care for the people of Downtown Hope through community groups. Our team has commissioned Joey Tomassoni as first among equals to bring vision to our church, and lead in the day-to-day implementation of that vision.

  Joey Tomassoni

Joey Tomassoni

  Scott Noll

Scott Noll

  Chris Adomanis

Chris Adomanis

  Kristofer Womack

Kristofer Womack

  Todd Smith*

Todd Smith*

  Will Montague**

Will Montague**

* Provisional Elders
** Elders currently off-session

Ministry TEAM

  Lead Pastor, Teaching, + Groups:   Joey Tomassoni

Lead Pastor, Teaching, + Groups: Joey Tomassoni

  Gathering Director + Connecting:   Austin MacCubbin

Gathering Director + Connecting: Austin MacCubbin

  Children of Hope Director:   Erin Godwin   

Children of Hope Director: Erin Godwin

  Children of Hope Assistant:   Shannon Donahue

Children of Hope Assistant: Shannon Donahue

  Love Annapolis Coordinator:   Janice Keating   

Love Annapolis Coordinator: Janice Keating

  Music Director:   June Sim   

Music Director: June Sim

  Maintenance Team Coordinator:   Dan Forbes

Maintenance Team Coordinator: Dan Forbes

  Baptisms + Seminary Without Walls Coordinator:      Luke Harbaugh

Baptisms + Seminary Without Walls Coordinator: 
Luke Harbaugh

  Space Rental, Communication, Design:   Ian Burgess

Space Rental, Communication, Design: Ian Burgess

  Community Events, Family Meals Coordinator:   Michelle Harbaugh

Community Events, Family Meals Coordinator: Michelle Harbaugh

  Young Adults + Student Ministry Director:   Max Myers

Young Adults + Student Ministry Director: Max Myers

  Administrative Assistant:   Emma Prieskorn

Administrative Assistant: Emma Prieskorn

  Finance Team:   Chris Adomanis , Steve Pimpo, Billy Hurley  

Finance Team: Chris Adomanis, Steve Pimpo, Billy Hurley

  Prayer Team:   Wes + Christi Lyons , Jon + Mel Lentz

Prayer Team: Wes + Christi Lyons, Jon + Mel Lentz

  Benevolence Team:   Jim Carey ,  Tom Wohlgemuth

Benevolence Team: Jim Carey, Tom Wohlgemuth