Missio Dei

Watch/Read/Listen: The Kingdom of God - ThirdMil (60min)

Read: Missio Dei and the Mission of the Church - Eddie Arthur (8pgs)

Watch: Humble Cultural Engagement - Tim Keller (25min)

Read: A Church with an Evangelistic Dynamic - Tim Keller (14pgs)

Read: A Fresh Perspective on Paul's Missionary Strategies - Neil Cole (18pgs)

Outline: Acts 1-14 (daily following DH reading plan, use the Book Outline Worksheet)

Exegete: Acts 17:16-24 (using the Abbreviated Exegetical Worksheet)

Bring: My Story/God's Story worksheet (completed in prep for Session 1) to the session cohort for discussion

Assessment Questions to Answer

What does the term Missio Dei mean?

What is the Kingdom of God?

What does it mean that God has a mission and how does that relate to the Kingdom of God?

How does the mission of God reflect itself within the Trinity?

Where is the missionary heart of God for all peoples / nations displayed or described in the Old Testament? New Testament?

What was Jesus approach to mission and disciple making strategy of Jesus?   

What is the relationship between the gospel and mission? What are the implications for you or us?  

What are some keys to spiritual warfare through prayer, where would you point someone biblically?

There is a person in your church who defines mission exclusively as serving the poor and marginalized.  They say that you aren’t a real Christian on mission unless you are doing so.  How would you approach this person and where would you point them?

What not yet believers are you praying for and moving towards in order to learn their stories, concerns, and questions?

What ways are you praying persistently for God’s kingdom to come more deeply and spread more widely into the lives of others?

She your recent experiences in spiritual warfare through prayer?

Share a time that you have been able to pray for or with someone who was going through a difficult time.

Who do you have a strong sense of calling to? (oikos, affinity or geography)

How have you demonstrated and proclaimed the gospel in culturally significant ways? Share details of who, how, etc…

How have you invited any not-yet-believers to trust Jesus and have any come to faith?

How have you involved other believers and equipped them in reaching others (think about your LG’s or the Community you lead)?

Where do you spend time with the poor, marginalized, under-resourced or oppressed and serve with relief, development, or reform?

Are you leading (or part) of a community group that is forming and engaging?

Are you facilitating a group helping them to form in Jesus using the “3 questions material” (What, Who, How)?  

Did you start the Community Group you are leading or take over leadership from another?  What are some things you have done to foster a healthy community / group or team so it flourished and accomplished its purpose?

Have you reproduced disciplers in a Community Group that have reproduced disciples?