Kid's Summer Lunches

We will be expanding our Love One initiative to the children on Newtown during the month of July.  The summer months create food deserts for children who normally receive meals at school. As a church body, we hope to fill in this GAP for the Newtown community with donations of easily prepared food items (listed below).  As you participate in this project, we would encourage each family to think about our part in filling this GAP- Give, Act, and Pray for our Annapolis neighbors.

A bin will be available during church hours to receive your donations:

Suggested items:

Entrees: Ravioli/Beef-a-Roni , Spaghetti O’s w/ Meatballs, Individual  Mac and Cheese, Vienna Sausages, Beef Stew, Soup, peanut butter & jelly.

Breakfast Items: Individual cups/boxes of cereal, pop tarts, cereal bars, granola bars, nutra-grain bars, individual packs of oatmeal. 

Juice Boxes , Milk Boxes

Snacks: Dried or canned fruits, fruit chews, peanut butter crackers, cheese crackers, pudding or jello cups, mini microwave popcorn.


Janice Keating for more information