Evan Milstead is a beloved and faithful member of Downtown Hope Church in Annapolis MD. For many years as the church was without a home, services were held in the cafeteria at Bates Middle School, and it was necessary to load, unload, then reload all things needed for services in and out of our trailer every Sunday. Many called it “church in a box”. 

For years, Evan awoke every Sunday from his needed weekend rest at 5:30am to pick up the trailer, haul it to Bates, and then single-handedly unload all the boxes and equipment needed to bring a service to the members. He would also hang curtains, set up the equipment, and even set up chairs. This took about 2 hours eachday. Then after the service, he would again lead us in reloading the trailer, and haul it back himself to its safe location.

What a blessing and relief this was to the church, with the worry about how things were going to be delivered and set up removed. It would have taken teams of people to share this duty, all relieved by Evan. He was proud to do his part to make the worship service happen, and considered this his ministry… inconvenient as it was.

Recently, Evan has been diagnosed with Stage 4 esophageal cancer, and has lost much weight and physical ability. He is now unable to fulfill his role in his family’s small business, which is struggling without his usual yeoman’s work. His medical bills, and personal bills have eaten his savings, and we who love him have partnered with Helping Hands Ministries to help him to raise money to sustain him and help with his bills.

We hope you would consider donating to help with Evan’s plight, through Helping Hands. All donations are tax-deductible. We have an 8% ministry grant on donations received to carry out our mission and purpose. We may receive donations via Master Card, Discover, Visa, American Express (credit cards are additional 3%), and checks made payable to Helping Hands Ministries with the Project name written on a note accompanying the check.  

All donations mailed should be sent to Helping Hands Ministries, PO Box 337, Tallulah Falls, GA  30573. Checks must be noted Evan Milstead Medical Project.