• Clapham House (map)
  • 61 Maryland Avenue
  • Annapolis, MD


Why:  As a student it is easy to become insulated and isolated from the broader community and local church while away at college.  The presence of college students in a local church is vital for their flourishing as well as for the flourishing of the broader church family (even if it is only possible to engage on Sundays with full schedules).  

What: Join us at the Clapham House on College Ave. to be fed, encouraged and known to other students through the local body of Downtown Hope through a lunch for college students who consider DH their church home while away from home or are interested in hearing more about DH.  This lunch is a chance for the church to say we love you and we are here for you!  Joey will share the vision of DH and how students can be known and committed in our local church family even with their full schedules.

When: Sunday, October 21st, 12.30-1.30p

Where: The Clapham House (61 College Ave. Annapolis, MD 21401)


Michael Riggins (Johnnies)- mriggins1999@gmail.com

Bray Zimmerman (Mids)- m217296@usna.edu

Max Myers (AACS, UMD + other local colleges) max.myers@downtownhope.org

Kathy Metzger (Host)- kathy.metzger@gmail.com