Use this space for your meeting or event

Our building at 255 West Street has been a gift to us and in turn we want it to be a gift to the city.

We offer meeting space for 2-160 people in a clean modern environment Monday-Saturday any time and Sunday afternoons. There is limited free parking to the rear and easy access to the Amos Garrett garage. Each event is priced on a case-by-case basis but we aim to have a quote for you within 48 hours.


Price Guide

  1. We make the space available to any non-profit organizations, community/arts/music initiatives or individuals whose purpose is to do good (applies to “for-profit” organizations that are using it for “non-profit” use) with following guidelines:

    1. $100 utilities, supply + admin fee ($25 for utilities and supplies, $75 for admin).

    2. $75 cleaning fee.

    3. $25/hr for Downtown Hope representative.

    4. $100 refundable security deposit.

    5. Suggested donation for space use.

  2. For profit organizations can use the space with the following guidelines:

    1. $100 utilities, supply + admin fee.

    2. $75 cleaning fee.

    3. $25/hr for Downtown Hope Representative.

    4. $400 rental fee for half day.

    5. $700 for full day.

    6. $100 refundable security deposit.

Facility supervisor

We provide a custodian to ensure the safe and smooth operation of the building during outside rentals for $25 per hour.

Sound Tech

If your event requires use of our sound and visual equipment, a sound engineer will be provided for your event. This is a rate of $50/hr. This will mean you have someone there who is familiar with the sound system and can address all of your needs during the course of the event who is responsible for the care of your needs, as well as the sound system.


We are happy to let renters manage their own cleanup but with a complicated set up we will discuss with you a $75 cleaning fee to ensure our building returns to its usual condition.

Room Rental Cleanup + Teardown guides