Communities meet throughout our area on different days; some are gender specific, some are co-ed, and they range in size.  Below you will find our communities and can search according to time of day or day of week.  Anyone is welcome to join in, just reach out to the leader. Communities are the primary place we are encouraged to grow in our journey with Jesus through the spiritual disciplines as means of grace. We encourage one another in a few simple practices - a rhythm of personal Scripture reading and prayer, and then meeting together to fellowship, study Scripture, confess sin, and take steps of obedience. We believe every follower of Jesus is called to walk with others to discover or grow in Jesus - communities are a place we are learning how to become disciplemakers ourselves. Please pick up one of our Community Cards at one of our Gatherings, see the list below or contact Steve Kuzner if you are interested in connecting in a Community or banding with a few friends to begin one yourself.

Downtown Hope is able to reimburse up to $15/hour up to 2 hours. Parents are asked to use their discretion to determine the appropriate hourly rate based on number of children, etc. Families are welcome to supplement that rate if they feel compelled.