As an art form, dance seeks to portray a character, express an emotion, or tell a story through movement (assuming it is not intentionally abstract). When I view dance, I always try to look for the story. Sometimes it is obvious - I can guess at what is trying to be conveyed through the style and speed of movement (sharp vs. flowing, fast vs. slow, angular vs. circular), through facial expressions and body language, and through the choice of music, costumes, props, and lighting. Other times, it is more subtle, expressed mostly by the choreographer's choices: which direction the dancer is facing or travelling, the progression or escalation of movement from one kind of energy to another, use of different levels, movements and gestures taken from everyday life, symbolism, patterns the dancers use to move around the stage, whether a group of dancers is dancing in unison or in canon or completely separate, and the use of theme and variation. In a well-crafted piece of dance, everything comes together to support the theme.

You're still there, waiting for me to come home. But I will go anywhere else before I will come to You. I don't need You. I can do it all by myself, and I am fine without You. There are so many things that whisper my name and draw me in, and I want to experience them all. I am satisfied. I am safe.

And yet, there is a hollowness inside. I am empty, and I can't overcome it. There is nothing out there that can truly fill my void. I can be happy for a moment or two, but in the end it's meaningless. I have grasped everything I can, and yet there is nothing in my hands to show for it. I've chased after the wind and yet never caught it. I try to look for more. Sometimes I almost look for You again. But then, I find that I can't. I've made myself a slave. I built walls around me to keep You out, but now I find that they are actually keeping me in. I am haunted by everything I used to turn to for comfort.

And so I yearn. I start to see what You've been offering me all along - life, and hope, and freedom, and a place to call home. I realize that all this time, that is what I've been hungry for. I'm starving for You.

So help me break free of these chains I've forged for myself. Help me see what I've done. I am weak and worn, weary from the fight inside and from the journey to come back to You. I am afraid of leaving behind what I've known, and afraid that You won't accept me the way I am, with nothing to offer You.

But Your grace remains. Your hand is still reaching out for me. At last, I want to grasp it. The things I used to turn to will always try to pull me back. But now I see You, and I know nothing else will ever fill me. I know now that You're the only hope I have.