Downtown Hope,

On behalf of our elder team I want to thank you for being a church that serves and sacrifices in great ways!  I am continually amazed by your generosity and sacrifice to Jesus through Downtown Hope, for his mission in our city, region and world.  If you identify Downtown Hope as your church home please take a few minutes to read through this email in detail.  

As I mentioned on Sunday I am happy to announce over the past couple of weeks our team has been working on simplifying our volunteer process to make Sunday morning serving clearer and more sustainable for everyone across our church that we might spend more of our time and energy in relationship with one another and with those the Lord has brought into our lives to share the love of Christ with.   

Our goal is for everyone who identifies Downtown Hope as their church home to offer some of their time and abilities in sustainable ways on Sunday morning in our Gathering or with Children of Hope.  We have a high percentage of people who currently serve and we want to include others who aren’t currently serving to join in, that through Jesus, Downtown Hope might continue to be held together as each part is working helping the body to grow as we are built up in love (Ephesians 4.15-16)!  

While we want to continually challenge and encourage people to use their gifts I want to remind everyone that we serve out of the ultimate grace that has been offered to us in Christ.  This means we are fully empowered to navigate our serving before the Lord and say yes or no.  Our hope is that everyone would say yes in some way but we also understand that there are seasons in life to say no.

Here are some of our broad goals for serving on Sunday mornings in the Fall season:

For Children of Hope volunteers to serve about once every 6-8 weeks and not in the Gathering (this allows volunteers to be in the gathering more regularly)

For every Parent (Dad’s and Mom’s) to serve with Children of Hope (if every parent did this we would all serve about once every 8 weeks or 6 times per year)

For Gathering volunteers to serve about every once every 4-6 weeks and not with Children (as serving in the gathering doesn’t inhibit someone from fully experiencing the service).

For volunteers to commit to a regular time slot (i.e.,1st Sundays every other month or 4th Sundays every month)

For volunteers to easily swap with someone else if for some reason they can’t serve (we will provide a list and contact of people to swap with).  This means no one adds additional volunteering and we fill in for one another in a sustainable way.

For volunteers to be served breakfast every Sunday (we will be providing coffee and pastries or bagels weekly).

For everyone who identifies Downtown Hope as their church family to serve in one of these two areas.

If you are not currently serving but interested please click on this link to let us know areas you are interested in hearing more about.

Ian Burgess will be coordinating all the volunteers for our church moving forward.  As a team as over the past few weeks we considered your unique gifts, what we know of your time in life, schedule and how you have served in the past.  Ian will be reaching out in a subsequent email to invite you to consider serving in some sustainable capacity in the fall. Please reach out if you have any questions and thank you again for your investment in our church family!

grace + peace,