Communities of Hope,
Have you ever forgotten something really important?  Or maybe lost something and just simply cannot remember where you put it?  We all have this happen to us, sometimes we even walk into a room and forget why we were there in the first place!

This Sunday we are shifting gears in the book of Hosea.  For the past four weeks, we have been following the story of Hosea's family, but from now until August we are exploring Hosea's prophecies to Israel.  We are specifically exploring what happens when Israel has spiritual amnesia, forgetting the God who pursued and saved them and what that means for us today.

If you have a friend that's ever felt disappointed, stuck in a rut, discontent, spiritually forgetful, or just spiritually curious, invite them to join us this Sunday at 10am @ Bates Middle School.  Come a few minutes early to grab a coffee, check in your kids, and maybe meet someone new!
Looking forward to our time to celebrate Jesus together again this Sunday.  It never gets old!

- Josh