Communities of Hope,

Every summer, as the flowers bloom and the temperature begins to rise, the same thing happens regardless of where we call home: people get married in droves.  This happens in such a pattern with the warm weather that there is even a term for it: wedding season.  Love is proverbially 'in the air'.

This Sunday we are kicking off an exploration into one of the Bible's most stark images of marriage and God's relentless pursuit of us through the book of Hosea.  In this we will see how God uses all parts of our story, with all of it's thorns, thistles, deserts, wilderness, and trials to bring us back to Him...like a loving husband jealous for his bride.

Have you or someone you've known ever wondered if God really does love us?  Or considered that maybe He is just a distant, impersonal Being that sits back and watches us with indifference?  If so, then join us this Sunday as we begin to uncover a love story in the middle of a desert.

Looking forward to seeing you there!  Make sure to arrive at 9:45 to grab a coffee, catch up and meet new friends, and check your kids in.