Communities of Hope,

There is a wonderful coffee shop in Downtown Annapolis called 49 West. For those who live or work in the city, the name brings with it images of beautiful art on the walls, hot coffee, fresh-baked pastries, and a certain ambiance only achieved through years of people calling it their own.

This Sunday we are looking at the powerful first chapter of Hosea, where God uses the names of Hosea's children to communicate a message to His wayward people. His three children's names would bring to mind powerful images, and they weren't exactly the nicest to think about. Yet, through Hosea's family, we see a powerful image of a God that loves and pursues His children.

Please consider inviting a friend or neighbor who is curious about who Jesus is to join you this Sunday, and arrive at 9:45 for coffee and kid's check-in. Can't wait to see you as we Gather together again!

- Josh