Communities of Hope,

What is that thing we feel when people or situations drag on and we are forced to wait; take longer than expected, are harder than anticipated or are contrary to our plans?

Ah yes- Impatience.

In 2012, a study* of tens of millions internet users who watch videos online, discovered that online users run out of patience in as little as two seconds while waiting for their chose video to start playing. These kinds of studies have led many social commentators to see technology rewiring us to be a culture that is less patient. No doubt the onslaught of technology plays a part, but our lack of patience is rooted in things much deeper than a touch screen.

Join us this Sunday as we look at the next section of James (5.7-12) to explore the nature of patience and how we become a people are able to suffer long.

Please plan on arriving at 9.45 to connect with others, enjoy fresh coffee and to check your children in. Invite a friend to join as we continue to join God in His mission in the world that our family, friends, neighbors and co-workers might thrive with the hope of the gospel!

Grace + Peace,