Communities of Hope,

There is a resistance in our culture to viewing the scripture as anything but an antiquated collection of stories put together by agenda driven men, that include historically inaccurate accounts, regressive teachings on ethical issues, scientifically incongruent concepts or simply as sentimental truisms that is chicken soup for our collective soul.

There are two basic, and genuine, questions that many of our family members, friends, neighbors or co-workers ask that we are exploring over these two weeks. The first question that we explored last Sunday is about formation (How the bible, as we know it, came to be). The second question that we are looking at this Sunday is the question of content (How can we trust a text that has parts that seem to be incongruent or regressive?)

Our hope is that over these two weeks we might discover a fresh perspective on why the scripture may be the greatest work of art many of us have never fully considered or accessed. Please invite a friend and join us whether you identify as a follower of Jesus or not.

Plan on arriving at 9.45 for coffee and to check your children in. Please sit towards the front and center of the rows to make space for everyone joining in!

Grace to you + peace,