Communities of Hope,

Let’s have an honest conversation about our judgemental and prejudiced nature. No one wants to admit it but it is in all of us- regardless of our ethnicity, culture, economic standing, religion, race, family or geography- we all struggle with pejoratively labeling someone as the “other”. This was one of Jesus’ most prominent ethical teachings and yet, even as his followers, we are all too often filled with judgement towards people who we deem different. Where does this come from and how, in a world so divided, will we ever become a people who reflect a life of impartial living that Jesus calls us into and that the world is longing for? Join us this Sunday as we look at James 2.1-13 to wrestle through this challenging text and discover implications for our lives and our communities.

We are happy to announce that the appraisal of the property came back at $920,000, the bank loan has been approved, Annapolis EP has given us their incredibly generous gift of $160,000 for closing, the parking waiver has been approved and we are scheduled to close on the property on March 24th! Thank you for your generosity and if you haven’t already please begin your monthly or one-time contributions over this next week. You can click on the image link below to give.

grace + peace,