Renew 2015.png

Communities of Hope,

Renew 2015 is off to a great start as we are taking the first three weeks of this new year to remember why we exist together as a family of faith. Here is where we are headed this Sunday:

The idea of a particular artwork is profoundly different then sitting under the masterpiece itself, just as a vision without skin is only interesting information. 

Last Sunday we were reminded of God's vision for all things- His glory. This is all His wonder and beauty filling and being displayed through the cosmos. And we learned how we, as a local church, are joining Him and seeing His glory displayed as the people of our neighborhoods, cities, region and world thrive with the hope of the gospel.

This Sunday we are going to learn how Downtown Hope's shared vision takes concrete form as we discover what it means for the gospel to play upon our lives and how "why we exist" is connected to "what we practice".

Don't forget to take time to journal answers on your Renew 2015 cards and bring them back this Sunday as we prepare for commitment Sunday and Potluck in two weeks on the 18th!

Grace to you + peace