Communities of Hope,

Every created thing exists for some reason, intention, some telos or end.  The collective of people who make up each unique church expression are no different- there is some reason they have been brought together, in a particular time and geography.

Now if the people of that unique church expression aren’t clear on why they exist together, or if the things that church practices aren’t connected with the reason it exists, the people will become frustrated or fatigued- this is part of why the Scripture teaches us that without vision people perish (Proverbs 29.18).

Vision is always fleeting and this is why we, as a church, take the first three weeks of every year to remember why we exist together as a family of faith (our shared vision), to consider how the previous year reflected our shared vision and to renew our commitments for the year to come in light of that vision.  

If have been part of Downtown Hope from the beginning or if you are just getting oriented to the movement I would like to invite you to join us over the next three weeks for Renew 2015.

It is going to be an incredible season as a family as we are reminded of the simple ways we are called to join God’s renewing work in Jesus, that the people of our neighborhoods, city, region and world might thrive with hope.

Don't forget we will also be voting on the purchase 255 West St. this Sunday- looking forward to gathering with you in this first Sunday of the year!