This year our community is joining with other churches and volunteers under the banner of the Coalition to End Homelessness for one of the most significant acts of service to our most vulnerable neighbors. We have the opportunity to serve the Downtown area of Annapolis in this. 

The annual Point-In-Time survey is carried out through the whole county and is a one-day count of every homeless person in the area. It has a direct impact on the funding available to local authorities and charities and therefore directly impacts the situation of our poorest residents. 

People's lives can be drastically improved and even saved by the diligence of a few volunteers on one January morning. We begin at 4:30 AM and should be down by 6 AM so it won't even affect your work day! Past experience has demonstrated that in the Downtown area we must look for the homeless before they are moved on by businesses opening and the stirring of commuters.

We will be going out accompanied by Annapolis Police Officers and under the guidance of people who have vast experience with the homeless. We will bring some small practical resources with us as well to help make those we meet more comfortable. Most significantly we will be able to hear the stories of those who cling to the fringe of our society and show them the dignity of listening.

Join the Facebook Event or email me at with any questions or to register you interest.