This past Sunday was a great time of some bluegrass/folk inspired worship through music! This week the music will not be as bluegrass/folk, but we still have Eric rockin the mandolin a bit.

I am so thankful for the talent and gifts that God has given to people in our church. I also know there are more musicians out there that are just as, if not, more talented and you've just been waiting for the opportunity to share your creativity with us. That opportunity is always available and I would love to see more musicians getting in the mix and bringing even more diversity of instruments like violin, flute, cello, banjo, even didgeridoo (If someone actualy does know how to play a didgeridoo we will defintely figure out a way for that to work!). Please come talk to me on Sunday, give me a call, or just come out to our musicians community on tuesday nights.

Joshua Kraft
Exec Director + Worship Leader