This week in Children's Church, we studied the book of Ruth. A short little love story in the Bible. Not just romantic love, but love for your neighbor through sacrifice and God's love pouring through each page.

Here are a few questions to help start conversations within your home about God's word.

  1. What happened to Naomi's husband and two sons?
  2. Naomi's sons had wives what were their names?
  3. After her sons died, did Ruth and Orpah stay with Naomi or go back to their families?
  4. How did Ruth meet Boaz? What was she doing for Naomi?
  5. Boaz was Ruth and Naomi's redeemer. What is a redeemer and who is our redeemer?
  6. Praise God for the redemption that has come for us through Christ's willingness to take our place!!!