This week in Children's Church we studied part of Samson's life and the work God did through Samson in Judges 13-15.

Here are some questions you can use to spark a conversation with your kids.

God used Samson to defeat and kill many Philistines. Did Samson use his super smart brain, his super strong muscles, or super good looks to defeat the Philistines?

Why was Samson super strong, whose power made him strong?

What is one crazy thing Samson was able to do because of the Holy Spirit? (hints: foxes tails tied together, a donkey's jaw bone, lion and his bare hands)

Was Samson humble or proud? Did he thank God for his strength? Did he obey God and his parents?

What perfect hero was Samson like? Was this hero (Jesus) a humble hero or was he proud like Samson?

Samson defeated the Philistines, but what did Jesus defeat with the power of the Holy Spirit?

Praise God!! Jesus defeated sin and death by dying on a cross and

by obeying God everyday!!