Communities of Hope,

I look forward to seeing you at our gathering this sunday and wanted to let you know where we are headed. One of the most legitimate questions that the watching world asks of religion is "Why, is there so much talk of good, but very little actual good that comes from those who claim to have some kind of faith?". Join us this Sunday as we we continue our Advent series “Gift for the Good of the World” looking at Galatians 6.6-10 to discover how Jesus’s unique gospel, which is something different than religion, always furthers good in the world. 

Plan on arriving 20 minutes early to grab a coffee, connect with one another and check your kids in. And don’t forget to stay after for our pizza lunch to share a meal and meet some of the families who we brought gifts for through Walk the Walk! We meet at 10am at Bates. Invite a friend to join in! 

grace to you and peace,