"All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me.

Go therefore and make disciples of all nations"


We have a calling, out of Jesus' authority over the world, to join with Him on mission to see others follow Him. And part of being on mission with God is going where He is not known...and revealing Him.

This summer our body has an opportunity to do just that with a missions trip to Indonesia. Did you know:

  • Entire groups of people have never heard about Jesus in Indonesia
  • We have a responsibility as follers of Jesus to GO and tell of the Good News of Jesus
  • Going on a mission trip isn't about us, it's about showing and telling Jesus
  • Some countries are so closed off to the idea of Jesus that it is hard to enter the country without a specific reason to be there

This trip is for two weeks to Bali, a small island off the coast of Indonesia. Here are some brief details:

  • The trip will be in June, 2014
  • It will be for two weeks
  • We are praying for a team to solidify by the end of January

If you are in any way interested get in touch with Dane and Elizabeth Leighty for more info.